segunda-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2008


We are glad you are back with us again adn wish you a great school year! It is time to meet your friends and make new ones. We hope Cultura Inlgesa can be as special to you as you are to us! This is our blog for this semester. You can log on anytime and check out extra practice exercises, review for tests, vocabulary words that matter as well as music and much more. Blogging is a great way of interacting with each other and an authentic tool for practicing your English naturally at an environment you are pretty familiar with, the INTERNET!
See you all,

Mrs. Bull

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Anônimo disse...

hi, my name is Ivando and i live here in Uberlandia since i was born. I have one sister and she lives in Sao Paulo because she is doing university. I'm forteen yars old. Bye.

Anônimo disse...

Teacher I'm triyng to post the video in de braz-pot blog but I could'nt make it that's the link
comment:That's a verry funny commercial, because it shows that skol is so good that some people prefer to get shocked and drink that beer then stay without any beer.

Leonardo Rosenburg disse...
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Leonardo Rosenburg disse...

hello,my name is Leonardo i am 18 years old and i lived all my life here in Uberlândia. In my house live 5 people and 2 dogs, in my free time i study english^^ and make weapons with wood and sometimes iron. Is only it i think.
See you later!